Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Marriage Tradition

In my English Composition class we read and discussed about marriages. We talked about what are views were on marriage and what we thought about some of the relationships that had cheating rules. Then we started talking about Western Civilizations and what there views on marriages were. Some Western Civilizations had different ways of marriage. Isreal made it that men could have as many wives as they wanted, just as long as the wives were clean and faithful. Divorce wasn't encouraged but if the man saw that his wife wasnt being faithful, he could divorce her. On the other hand, in Medieval Europe the churches influenced marriages greatly. They prohibited divorce but had no proof of marriages until the 13th century. Marriages started out of the church until Priest were there to validate the wedding. The average age of wedding for Medieval Europe was mid-twenties for males and early teens for females.

Furthermore, each religion and civilization have there own views on marriage. Western Civilzation marriages are different from today's traditions. They got married at young ages which is different from today's tradition due to the fact that most people are getting married in there late 20's and early 30's. It's also different due to the fact that men who have more then one wife at a time is frowned upon, while back in the day in Israel men could have as many wives as possible. Something that was similar was that the Priest looked over the wedding as a witness, which is similar to our marriages today.

My views on weddings is that if you are gonna have a baby with a girl, you should be married. Having that ring on her finger would show people that she is married and isn't looking for another man. For instance, if she was to walk into a bar with her friend and a guy sees her. If that guy sees that she doesn't have a ring on he might try and start talking to her. However, if she was to have her ring, then people would know that she is married. I also don't believe in cheating or having open marriages. When I'm married I don't want my wife getting with any other guy besides for me. I certainly wouldn't want to do that to her and get with other women. I don't know how you guys view marriages but this is my opinion on them.

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