Monday, September 5, 2011

Destroying the Family

"On the one side, conservatives pointed to abortion, illegitimacy, and homosexuality as forces destroying the family. On the other, liberals cited domestic violence, economic insecurity, and inadequate public supports as the key problems afflicting the family." - Barbara Whitehead

Which side do you think is right, for what causes families to be destroyed? Conservatives think that abortion, illegitimacy, and homosexuality are the forces that destroy families. Liberals think its domestic violence, economic insecurity, and inadequate public that destroy families. I don't think the conservatives are right. Although some parents get mad when they find out there child likes the same sex. The parents soon accept there child's decision and will be there to help support their child. This is why I don't believe in the conservatives. I do believe that the liberals are right. Whether it is the male or female in the domestic violence, no one should hit their loved one or their child. This will cause families to be destroyed. Inadequate public support will affect you to a certain extent. Then with support you can succeed and get passed the problem. Economic insecurity could affect the family. Furthermore, these are not the only problems that affect families. Families can be affected by anything and it can destroy them, but it's up to the parents to try and resolve the problems.

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