Wednesday, October 5, 2011

HIV/AIDS Pandemic

HIV/AIDS became a pandemic when it spread worldwide. Some nations handled it well and others didn't. The United States didn't do a bad job but didn't do a good job. Other nations like Uganda and Thailand did a good job.

The first thing they did that was good was they went to bathhouses and closed them down until they made sure that they were having protected sex. The Surgeon General mailed an AIDS brochure to every American household. Another thing that was good was President Bush signed Ryan White's CARE act. It was authorized that $4.4 billion over five years would go towards health care and support services in the 16 hardest hit cities with AIDS.

What the government did badly was that they didn't really teach anyone about HIV/AIDS. Also when President Reagan had his speech he didn't want to talk about it. What the Government didn't do, people in the US did. At the Tony Awards, entertainers were wearing red ribbons to symbolize AIDS awareness. Also, a former drug addict started exchanging needles to try and prevent the spread of AIDS.

On the other hand, Uganda and Thailand were effective with their supports of AIDS. In Uganda Dr. Noerine Kaleeba and 15 other people developed The AIDS Support Organization (TASO) to educate everyone about the disease. They campaigned the ABC model, which meant abstain, be faithful, and use a condom. In Thailand, they handled it well and made sure people were to use condoms. They also made radio stations broadcast information about AIDS.

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